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God is Good!!!!


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About Me

This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

Hi my name is Chris Leachet, I am a 21 year old male. I am 5'5", I have Hazel eyes, and Brown hair. I am currently going to be starting College at Eastern Arizona College in the profession of computer information specialist.

I might also include some information about my personal history: where I grew up, where I went to school, various places I've lived. If I have one, I'll include a picture of myself engaging in an activity I enjoy, such as a sport or hobby.

A woman mountain biking; Actual size=180 pixels wide

I might describe my job in a little more detail here. I'll write about what I do, what I like best about it, and even some of the frustrations. (A job with frustrations? Hard to believe, huh?)


Here is a list of some of my favorite movies:

The Omega Code, The Matrix, The Mummy, Patch Adams.

Here is a list of some of my favorite music and bands:

Christian Rock, Christian Rap-Core, Christian Rap, Christian Pop, Bride, Gospel Gangsters, Petra, P.O.D., ect., ect.